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            Bullet Points, The Musical ...

  • ... is a dark comedy about Sarah, a Florida high school teacher who returns to work on the same day as a school shooting which sends her life spinning in wildly unpredictable directions, both comic and tragic.

  •     The theme of the show concerns the “us versus them” mentality that cuts our country in half. It's about learning to listen to people on the opposite side of an issue even if they disagree with your point of view.

  •     The show is currently in development, however a virtual presentation of the opening song can be seen in the Video section of this website.

  •     The goal of the show is to tell the story of one woman’s attempt to navigate her thoughts and feelings on both sides of the gun control issue, with the hope that this subject will resonate long enough in the American consciousness that both sides of the debate might begin to find a path toward ending gun violence in schools.

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