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Bullet Points is a riveting musical about gun violence in our country today. With clever songs layered into a sensitive narrative about a student and his teacher in a typical Florida public school, this is simply a must-see. Be prepared to have your mind forever changed by this brave new musical.


- Cate Cammarata, Founder and Artistic Director, Create Theater


As Executive Director of a company designed for the development of new plays and musicals, many scripts come across my desk throughout the year. Rarely do I find a show like Bullet Points with equal brilliance in its music, lyrics, and book. The sophistication of Daggett’s writing can easily compare with the finest talent on Broadway. He handles complicated, delicate subject matter with such intelligence and compassion that regardless of audience members’ politics, they are enlightened with a riveting story, real characters (not caricatures), and “Wow! What would I do in this situation?Bullet Points is a “must-see” for everyone, wherever the show is presented.   


- Greg Everett, Tony-nominated Producer, Founder of e Productions LLC


Larry Daggett has answered the call to address the national crisis of school shootings with his incredible new musical Bullet Points. I don’t know how he does it, but he navigates an incredibly sensitive, darkly tragic, and hotly debated issue with a captivating storyline, relatable characters and most of all a profound sense of humor. Maybe it’s time for the politicians to take a seat and let the power of the arts lead the way for humanity. This is a show that must be brought to the stage! 


- Linda Bonadies, Author of Give It All Away, Off-Broadway


Larry Daggett shines a Klieg light into the darkest corner of contemporary America—school shootings—to produce a captivating and totally satisfying musical reminiscent of Sondheim’s Assassins.  With an evocative book and brilliant score, Daggett’s Bullet Points delivers an electrifying theatrical experience, no matter what your view of the Second Amendment.


- David Kurkowski, composer/lyricist/librettist of Finding Madame Curie, Off-Broadway

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