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       Larry Daggett has been making musicals pretty much since the moment he popped out of the womb. His credits include work on Broadway, off-Broadway, New York City Opera, and over 30 professional regional theatres. He has worked in a wide range of capacities: producer, director, musical director, pianist, composer, lyricist, and actor on over 100 live productions, giving him a unique and wide-ranging perspective on the industry which he brings with passion to every project.

       He is also CEO of New Tune Entertainment, LLC, a company built for the development of new musicals performed live or on film, with multiple awards for past projects including such award winning films as "Better Dead Than Red." The mission statement of New Tune Entertainment is "to make musicals about ordinary people thrust into extraordinary situations; stories that challenge your mind while ticking your heart, stories that will make you sing as well as think."

       At present he's developing "Bullet Points," a musical about gun violence in schools, and plans to bring the project to a fully staged live production later next year. To see examples of his work visit the NTE website or visit the website focusing on his acting career,

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